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Our IMS Policy


    Crown Emirates Contracting LLC. (CEC) located in Dubai , provides
INFRASTRUCTURE" in the building construction industry Within UAE. Our excellence
with respect to Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety is paramount
to the success of our business.
    We commit ourselves to achieve this by:
    1. Completion Of selective projects on time, within the budget and as per applicable
legal requirements as well as satisfying Customer requirements consistently and
cost effectively.

    2. The top management Of Crown Emirates Contracting LLC. (CECis committed to

promote Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety awareness,
understanding and care throughout the Organisation. We are implementing a
pro-active Integrated Management System to achieve the Quality, Environment,
Occupational Health & Safety Objectives by identifying significant aspects and
work place hazards and reducing the inherent risks and impacts to manageable
levels thereby avoiding accidents, impacts and consequential costs and liabilities
due to accidents and impacts.

     3. Personal injuries, property loss, environmental incidents are preventable if QHSE

issues are an integral part of all business activities, thus significantly contributing
to the ultimate profitability of CEC.
    4.  CEC will demonstrate a continuous improvement in our day-to-day operations
to achieve "zero incidents" as our target.
    5. Continually improving our processes, products and services in a safe manner as
well as utilizing modern construction techniques and best materials.
    6. Continually improving our processes for prevention of pollution and reduce
carbon footprint.
    7. We will adhere and comply With the discipline and standard With respect to local
and U.A.E ministerial regulations in a socially responsible manner.
    8. Training and communicating the policy to employees and other interested
parties with emphasis on their individual IMS obligations, as well as upgrading
our staff and enhancing their competency.
    9. Sustaining relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

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